What to think about before you get your new website built!

What to think about before you get your new website built!

Small Businesses: Time to Get Strategic with Your Website!

As a small business owner in the UK, you're probably well aware that having an online presence is crucial these days. But did you know that simply throwing up a basic website isn't enough? To really make your mark and attract the right customers, you need to approach your website development in a strategic way.

I get it, the technical side of things can feel daunting if you're not a digital native. But don't worry, here I break it down into simple, actionable steps. By the time you're done reading, you'll be equipped to create a website that truly reflects your unique brand and speaks directly to your target audience.

Let's start with the foundation - your brand identity. Before you even think about website design, it's important to get crystal clear on who you are as a business, what makes you special, and who you're trying to reach. Ask yourself questions like:

- What are my core products/services and how do they benefit customers?
- Who is my ideal client and what are their pain points/desires?
- What words or emotions do I want my brand to evoke?

Nailing down these brand basics will ensure your website aligns perfectly with your overall business strategy.

Next, it's time to define your website goals. Are you hoping to generate high-quality leads? Showcase your portfolio of work? Drive online sales? Whatever your primary objective, keep it front of mind as you start planning out your site's content and functionality. This will help you make smart, strategic decisions every step of the way.

Of course, understanding your target audience is also key. Take some time to research your ideal customers - their interests, online habits, pain points, and preferred ways of interacting with brands like yours. Armed with these insights, you can craft website content and experiences that truly resonate.

And let's not forget the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from the very beginning. Integrating best practices around keywords, metadata, and site structure will help ensure your small business website gets found by the right people searching online. No more getting lost in the shuffle!

I know all this may sound like a lot, but I promise it's worth the upfront effort. By laying this solid groundwork, you'll end up with a website that not only looks beautiful, but also works hard to achieve your business goals.

If the idea of handling all this yourself feels overwhelming, that's where I come in. As a website designer who specialises in (and loves) working with other UK small businesses, I'd be more than happy to guide you through the process and take the technical tasks off your plate.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started on building a website that will truly elevate your brand and connect you with your ideal customers. Reach out today - I'd love to have a chat!

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